In LIGHTBEINGS, a collaboration with artist Stanley Casselman, threeASFOUR explores the malleability of artistic appropriation. Employing rejected components of paintings from Stanley as "fabric" and borrowed cutting-patterns from their 1999 (As FOUR) debut fashion collection, threeASFOUR reassembles and re-contextualizes these elements to create wholly original works. As the world considers a fashion-art collaboration, threeASFOUR conflates the concept, leaving one to ponder whether it is art or fashion, and asks whether we must choose one. Fashion and art historically borrow from the past, but threeASFOUR questions whether the past can also forge a new existence. The wearer is the sum of their own past experiences, and threeASFOUR examines our personalities, celebrating the magic of individuality. In this collection, threeASFOUR celebrates the past, present and future of individual identity.