About threeASFOUR


For Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil – founders of threeASFOUR – fashion has never been simply a way of dressing, but a way of seeing the world. Hailing from Lebanon, U.S.S.R, and Israel, this ‘United Nations of fashion’ combines cutting-edge technologies with couture craftsmanship to promote international, intercultural, and interspecies unity. From the primordial topologies of glaciers to the nano-vibrations of the quantum realm, threeASFOUR’s signature codes – curvilinear shapes, fractal structures, formal biomimicry – draw inspiration from the natural geometries that connect the architecture of the individual human body to its universal, cosmic contexts. By using pioneering production methods – especially 3D-printing and the creation of digital fashion and virtual environments – threeASFOUR inhabits the confluence of timeless, transcendent themes and future-facing innovation.


The spirit of community inspires threeASFOUR’s commitment to constant collaboration. Partnerships with visionary artists and performers foster mutually inspiring projects, including those with Björk, Yoko Ono, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Matthew Barney, Billy Porter, Joey King, Japanese Breakfast, Iman and Solange. threeASFOUR’s collaborations with brands as diverse as Sony, Epson, Stratasys, Mimaki, the GAP, and Kate Spade generate an interdisciplinary approach to both design and production. Collecting textiles from vintage denim and retro scarves, shuttlecocks, re-used canvas paintings, and dead-stocked kimono fabrics from Osaka warehouses, a commitment to sustainability is integral to threeASFOUR’s vision of, and for, the world.


threeASFOUR were recipients of the Cooper-Hewitt/Smithsonian Museum’s National design award in 2015. Their designs are permanently housed in London’s V&A Museum and the MET Costume Institute in New York, which also displayed threeASFOUR’s work for Superheroes in 2008, Manus x Machina in 2016, and most recently 2022’s In America: An Anthology of Fashion. Their pieces have been the subject of various exhibitions, including Designs for Different Futures, Philadelphia Museum of Art & Walker Art Center (2019); Nature, Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum (2019); #techstyle,Museum of Fine Art Boston (2016); Killer Heels, Brooklyn Museum New York(2014); MER KA BA, Jewish Museum, New York (2013); Insalaam Inshalom, Beit Ha’ir Cultural Museum, Tel Aviv (2013); and New York Minute, Garage Gallery, Moscow (2011).


For inquiries: studio@threeASFOUR.com