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“Somewhere near the very center of this fashion/art nexus was a merry, glittery quartet: As Four. They were Adi, Ange, Gabi, and Kai." -Laird Borrelli Persson

“They had the air of rock stars, but were actually their own fashion commune.” -Julie Gilhart

“They’ve been really experimental, and I think continue to be experimental, without losing the integrity of their design, and it’s been quite seamless from As Four to ThreeASFOUR.”-Shoplifter

“They’re artists that are beyond fashion, meaning I think they’re transitioning out of all sorts of box" -Sean Lennon 

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“One of the ways ThreeASFOUR uses clothing is as a conduit for communication.” -Laird Borrelli Persson

“Spirituality is not something ThreeASFOUR has ever shied away from, and perhaps that adds weight to Gabi’s assertion that “there is something happening on the planet right now; it’s a spiritual awakening.” -Laird Borrelli Persson

VOGUE RUNWAY: threeASFOUR Spring 2022 Ready – To – Wear

“Since its founding in 1999, the New York-based couture brand threeASFOUR  has embodied the spirit of its three multicultural founders: bold, diverse, and existential.” -Husein Esufally

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“This collection centers on unity, both of the self and of the world.” -Gaby Messino

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“The collection played heavily color, weaving together a narrative of optimism and a penchant for a higher power.” -Ana Escalante

“Still, one must give ThreeASFOUR its flowers for accomplishing what they set out to do: human connection. In a world as fast-paced, pandemic or not, we're experiencing a return to sitting anxiously in showrooms together, huddled on benches in the dark.” -Ana Escalante

PAPER MAGAZINE: threeASFOUR Taps Into Spirituality and Human Connection

"The end result is a collection that feels both ethereal and other worldly yet also grounded in this moment of cultural and environmental awareness that is now. A difficult balance they have beautifully achieved.”

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“A dress by threeASFOUR consists of tiny spherical cells made of photopolymers that refract light, creating an iridescent effect.” -Avinash Rajagopal

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