threeASFOUR welcomes 2020 with increasing concern about climate change ... in these precarious times, the question of how life started on Earth becomes extremely precious. This quest has led the first scientific expedition into the hellish environment of the Dallol salt dome in the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia. 

Life in the form of single-celled organisms appeared on Earth around 3.8 billion years ago, during the Archean eon, as the Earth’s crust first began to poke out of the sea. In this hot, acidic and volcanic environment, geology prevailed over biology – much as it does in Dallol.

Exploring this question we chose to incorporate the element of landscape patterns featuring classic threeASFOUR tailored pieces in Stanley Casselman’s “Untitled Presence“ dusty grey prints contrasted by acid yellow and white accents, highlighting a threeASFOUR athletic aesthetic.

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